In the beginning...

I suppose it’s time to dust off this old space and start using it. For those of you that know me personally, then you know this will be a challenge, as I am not the kind of person who is capable of the discipline it takes to keep a journal. Writing, sure I can crank out a novella in a month, but jotting down personal notes?
Bleh, no thanks!
So in light of that I want you readers to know that this blog will not just be a diary in which I tell you a whole bunch of crap about me that you probably never really wanted to know in the first place. Instead we shall journey down several routes, depending on the particular mood I find myself in when I face the keyboard. I will try to log my entries with a header so you know what you’re in for.

The following are just a few of the ones I intend to employ:

Filth- Yes we are going to talk filth. I’m sure that comes as no surprise to most of you. If it does, then this is not the blog you want to read. We shall talk of such subjects like the origins of dirty words, the meanings of those strange sex positions you’re too embarrassed to look up yourself, reviews of sex toys and other porn related material. Don’t get too excited now, you haven’t got many tissues in that box left. I hate to make you get up and fetch a roll of toilet paper just over little ole me!

Writing- Since it is my second job of sorts, we shall spend part of this blog talking about writing. I will post my own stuff, reviews and the like. I will also post updates of when and where I might be in relation to the publishing game, such as books coming out and personal appearances. I would also like to interview other authors, and maybe even review other folks’ material, though that will be few and far between.
If you want to get in line for a discussion than just write me at thebackseatwriter @

The Spouse- Okay, so my life isn’t entirely as dull as I would like to think. Occasionally my spouse says or does something that is too funny not to share. When he does, and I assure you he will, I’ll share it under this header. I have a whole shit load of anecdotes to start with so you guys are going to get to learn a hell of a lot about the old man.

Complaints- This header will alert you that I am in bitch mode and the post will be about something I am angry about. Don’t expect too many of these as I have learned over the years that it is best to keep these kinds of opinions off of the internet. They only lead to madness. But once in a while a travesty will arise that I feel I must join in the fray. In that case I shall share.

These are just a few, so look for new ones as we go. That wasn’t too painful now was it? And in some cases posts might have more than one heading so be on the lookout for that.

Well then, I suppose I am done for now. I will attempt to update at least once a week. If I don’t, write me and badger me about it. Sometimes all it takes is a little prodding for me to get on the ball.

Later taters,