Lucky Stiff

So this is it kids, the book you have all been waiting for.
I present to you my latest novel, a jaunt into joviality, a creep into the conscious of a corpse, a dip into the deranged desires of the dead, a slide into seduction of a zombish nature.

Lucky Stiff: Memoirs of an Undead Lover

Meet Peter Lyles, a young man unremarkable in life but unforgettable in un-death.

After he accidentally overdoses while on spring break, Peter's friends do him the dubious favor of bringing him back to life. Or rather, they turn him into a zombie with the help of a little old fashioned Voodoo. Peter's journey through the unlife takes him from the homebrewed sex magic of a mysterious swamp-dwelling Madam, to bouncing from bedroom to bedroom all across the globe, and finally leaving him with a career as the hottest gigolo not alive. All the while, he must deny his hunger for human flesh while sating his passion for, well, human flesh.

At turns humorous, at times touching, but always sexy, sexy, sexy. "Lucky Stiff" will leave you wanting more Peter.

He's just that good.

So yes, it's a story about a zombie getting his smack on. A lot. An awful LOT!
Yeah my Peter gets around in this book.

So here is the createspace website for now. As the Amazon comes online I shall update here. And when it becomes available in bookstores I will let ya know. Bookstores? No shit!

GO! BUY! You won't regret it.
If you read one zombie-romance-erotica-horror story this year, make it Lucky Stiff!