Blog-o-Rama Smackdown

So, like the stupid bitch I am I went and challenged a group of other writers to a blog contest. The point of the whole thing is to make us get up off of our collective asses and post once a week. Loser has to send all the continuing winners a book of their choice from your repertoire.
I really stepped in the doo-doo this time. What was I thinking?
Okay, I was thinking that I wished I had the gumption to blog more often and now I have it. After all there might only be a handful of participants, but I am also a skinflint and resent the notion that I have to buy anything for anyone besides me. Speaking of participants, here's who I'm up against:

Yeah, I know. They are all so way cooler and more together than I am. What is a girl to do? Well, I considered showing my boobs for starters, that would attract a lot of attention! Then I remembered this isn't a competition for content. It's a stamina thing.

Oh, joy.

So far the rules I've suggested are simple:
We have to blog once a week, with two exceptions. (one chosen vacation week, and one 'pass' week, so that's 50 blogs total)
We have to blog at least 300 words. (to put this in perspective, this blog alone is just over 360)
We have to blog by 11:59pm our time zone. (EST for me)
And, this is the best part, guest blogs count! (expect begging from me for posts, folks!)

I think it will be fun. I really look forward to this prodding to my discipline gland. I'm hoping it will start to squirt out disciplinary juice on its own once the contest has wound down to its end. My posts will probably address everything from my writing to my home life. (oh yeah, I already have some Mr. Brown stories you guys are gonna just love!)

So, sit back. Relax. This may be a bumpy ride. You will get wet, you may get soaked, please keep your hands in the vehicle at all times and let the blogging commence!