Spectacular Science

Thanks to Netflix and their glorious streaming through the Wii, I have spent all weekend in front of the TV, yet again. This time I've been consuming whole seasons of Beakman's World. Yea Gods I love this show! Paul Zaloom (the guy that played Beakman) really caught my attention and kept me entertained. And still does. I can watch this stuff for hours and hours. So neat!
Allow me to clarify something here. Beakman isn't a show I watched as a kid. I was twenty years old when this show came out. That's right. I was hooked on a kids show at the age of twenty. And I loved it! I have always been a big fan of kids programing, as long as it's fun and entertaining and talks to kids like they are little people and not just kids. Beakman has all of these traits in spades. Paul Zaloom addressed the audience, presumed to be children, as if they are little adults. The show never spoke down to kids, never used catchy tunes or repetitive sweet talk to keep kids attention. The show talked science, but it was like talking science with your crazy, certifiable uncle instead of your boring one.
(Oh Mr.Wizard, I love you but you can be a bit dry!)

I highly recommend Beakman's World if you have kids, or even not. Hell, I don't have kids and I love the show! Beakman makes science fun, and funny. Some of it is a little silly, but over all it is witty and clever and quick.The jokes range from cheap toilet humor to subtle cultural references. At one point his assistant asks how a plane stays in the air, and Beakman answers "The answer is blowing on the wing ... the answer is blowing on the wing." This is followed by a quick textual graphic that reads, "Thanks Bob!" What kid is going to get that? I sure did. And that's why I like the show.
One of the best parts of Beakman's World was the Beakman Challenge. This was the portion of the show where he would dare Lester (a man in a ran suit) to do something that seemed impossible. Lester would usually say it was impossible, Beakman would do it and Lester would stand amazed. In the end, there was a scientific principle that explained why and how it worked. And these were the neatest tricks!
My favorite was always the fork balancing trick. I even impressed my spouse to be by showing him how clever I could be by balancing two forks on the end of a toothpick.
Impossible you say? Nonsense! Nothing is impossible when you have science.
I shall leave you with a youtube video explaining the whole thing.  (Unfortunately it isn't the Beakman episode, but it's still a good explination!) When your done watching, consider checking out some other vids featuring Beakman himself. There are a few on youtube, just seek and ye shall find.
Now go use this little ditty to impress your pals! WOooooooOT!