Lovin' Lazarus

 I am undertaking a large project that should see the web in a few months and includes many elements from several genres that I love to write. I won't give away the whole thing away, but suffice it to say that it will be a weird west with an injection of steampunk. 


You should be! Trust me, I am 15k into this thing and it is going to raaaaaaaaaaaawk! 

Meanwhile, to get me in the mood for it I have been watching movies galore. (You would be surprised how much Blazing Saddles has helped out for this!) I have also been reading, as well as re-reading, which meant I had the chance to take another look at Lori Titus's "Lazarus."

As a result I wrote this review. Enjoy!
 Miss Titus takes a big heaping helping of the Wild West, tosses in a side of weird then coats the whole thing in a thick layer of crusty, deep fried horror. Lazarus is a guaranteed fun read for any fan of both the western or zombie genres. The characters are great, the horror is perfect and the outcome was just right. My only complaint is that it felt rushed. I really think that given the time, Miss Titus could have turned this novella into a full out novel. It's a shame we were rushed through the characters lives and pushed straight into the action. I would have like to have gotten to know everyone a bit better, but the time we spent together was enough, I suppose. Either way, thanks Miss Titus, for spinning such a fine yarn!