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Today I have for you a guest blogger. Welcome Pembroke Sinclare.

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Evil Games

I would like to thank Tonia for letting me be a guest blogger.  I am tainting her somewhat coherent blogs with nonsensical gibberish.

Hollywood has perpetuated a myth (what, just one?).  They have made the Ouija board evil and scary.  Even the religious community thinks they should be burned.  I remember one time I was in high school, and a friend and I went to Bible camp.  I packed it in my bag and took it out to play in the cabin.  One of the girls FREAKED when she saw it and told the counselors.  My board got confiscated, and we were regaled with stories of how the counselor knew this girl who played with a Ouija and then got possessed (yeah, right).  It was all I could do to keep from rolling my eyes.  I was just happy I got my board back when we left.
I bought my first Ouija board when I was in junior high.  At a toy store.  It is made by Parker Brothers.  Do any of those sentences make you think of hell and demons and possession?  I used to play with it all the time.  My spirit’s name was G (yes, just the letter) and he was my guardian angel.  As I got older, I realized I wasn’t talking to a spirit.  It was more than likely my subconscious (think Pat!).  If my mind was unclear, or I didn’t know how to answer a question, neither did my spirit.  The indicator would sit on the board and just slide back and forth, like a crazy person rocking back and forth, muttering under his breath.  We would even ask to talk to other spirits, but the indicator always ended up sliding back and forth and not answering questions.  It got boring real fast.
Even though I knew it was just my subconscious moving it, I still had some pretty freaky occurrences.  The best thing to do was to ask the spirit if it was in the room.  If it said yes, we’d ask it for a sign.  Sometimes things would happen, sometimes they wouldn’t.  There was one time we asked for a sign, and a plant that had been hanging over a window crashed to the floor.  There were also dirty handprints on the blinds (could it have happened when the plant was hung over the window, more than likely).  Another time, it pointed to a spider (a spider!  They aren’t common!  They never show up unless a spirit is in the room).  Another time, a transformer on the top of a power line blew up (I have no explanation for that).
Do I honestly think the spirits caused this?  Probably not.  They were just freaky weird occurrences.  Or do I tell myself that because I don’t want to believe the alternative?  Even though the Ouija board is a crock, I still believe in ghosts.  I’ve had experiences, but I don’t think they talk to us through a board.  And I definitely don’t think you are going to get possessed if you play with one.  I’ve played with it numerous times and I’m all right (well, in the sense that I’m not possessed).  I’m pretty sure if a demon wants to possess you, it’s just going to possess you.  It’s not going to wait around until you play with a game. 
I haven’t played with my board in years.  It’s in my closet, along with all the other board games I don’t have time to play with anymore.  One day I would like to take it out again.  Just for sentimental sake.