Quarterly Questing

March was filed with guest blogging goodness, which relieved me of the duty of actually posting on my own blog. Nice! Thanks to everyone who participated and gave me a month off. It was time well spent. I decided to use my first post back to update you folks on all that is happening in Tonia Brown land. (At least on the writing front.) Consider this your quarterly update. Since the beginning of the year there had been lots and lots of news, some good, some bad, but all interesting. Let us recap the first couple of months and see what we have on our hands. Hang on tight, this won’t take long.

First off, let’s get over the bad news. Around the beginning of the year I was released from the contracts for several books, all at the same time. I know, its kind of weird timing but what can you do? Any who, my peeps can no longer get a hold of The Blooming, Epiphany or White Elephant. I might seek new publishers for these, but then again I might just let them rest a while. Each book had its time and folks enjoyed them while they were available, and I’m happy with that.

Don’t fret, fair readers. Lucky Stiff is still available! It’s gotten great reviews and folks really seem to like Peter’s tale. Have you read it yet? Go get it! Now!

On the good news front, in the last few months have seen me enjoying the heck outa myself on internet radio. Specifically, blogtalk radio. Even more specifically, Flashes in the Dark Radio. Super sexy seductress, author Lori Titus, hosts the show with all her delicious hosting wisdom, and I sit in as her court jester and sidekick. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Lori does all the work here, folks. I’m the equivalent of giving a monkey a firecracker and a box of crayons. Without Lori, there would be no show. She just prays I keep my filthy mouth shut long enough for the guest to at least be able to say hello.

I penned a few guest blog posts the last few weeks, which was super fun. If anyone wants me to take a stab at your blog, just ask. I can’t promise it will be Pulitzer material, or that there won’t be mention of various bodily functions.

I’ve sold about ten short stories since the beginning of the year. Some of them are going reach the market much slower than others, but I kind of prefer it when a publisher takes their time with stuff like that. I’m also editing an erotic anthology, which should see the market soon. Can’t wait for that one to come out. Nice!

Then there’s my new web serial. I know I’ve mention this once here before, and I go on and on and on and on about it on Facebook, and I’m going to talk about it again. Railroad! is a steampunk adventure set in the American old West. It features a train that lays its own tracks, a crazy professor, and a troubled gunman. We are up to chapter five right now, so I suggest you get all caught up before the train gets away from ya.

Speaking of good news, recently I got the bestest news a writer could get! About this time last year I penned a new novel, The Cold Beneath. It’s got steampunk and zombies and gadgets and super science and it’s going to knock all of your collected socks right off your tootsies. Once I was done, I sent out a handful of agent queries and much to my surprise one of them not only nibbled, he ran off with my bait! As a result, I’m now operating under the auspices of an agent. Nick is such a great guy. He really loves the novel and I can’t wait to see how he is going to pitch the thing. I have been super duper careful not to act like a total and complete weirdo around him so I don’t spook him off. (Though I think he might suspect I’m not your average kind of gal.)

Last but not least, let us jaw jack about my upcoming backyard writer’s convention, Brownstock. It’s gonna be off da hook! Think weekend campout, only in my backyard. Yes, my backyard. This isn’t a ‘come and sell your books’ kind of convention. This is a ‘come and hang out and have a good time’ kind of convention. Writers from all over are coming out for wieners, and zombie shooting and a ghost hunt. Gonna rock. Good times, folks. Good times.

Well, that’s my quarterly update. Hope all is going well with you guys.

Catch you later, taters,