Diddling Dunwoody

(Like the blog title? Yeah, me too! WOO HOO!)

It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and to celebrate, I have an interview with that favorite of favorite wise asses, David Dunwoody. Why do I associate him and ITLAPD? I don't. My post and this particular day are purely coincidental. 

On that note, enjoy!

So, when did folks start calling you THE Dunwoody?
All blame rests at the feet (or hooves) of the Funky Werepig, Greg Hall. It probably started sometime in '09 and has followed me ever since. I think people just like saying "the dunwoody" because it sounds so dirty.

When reading, do you like humor in your gore? Gore in your humor? Sex in any of it? Or are you a single genre kind of guy?
I love genre-bending and blending. Whenever I'm reading a story and it veers outside the perceived boundaries of its genre, that's when it really gets its hooks into me. I think you can crossbreed pretty much any type of tale. With humor in particular, a lot of writers point out what an asset it can be in a horror tale, heightening the terror by contrast.

What drives you to write?
I guess the simple answer is that I just love telling stories and sharing ideas. There is an aspect to it that seems almost compulsive. Stories seem to crop up in my brain no matter what, and the best I can do is get them out onto paper (word processor, rather) and hope I got it right.

Boiled, poached, scrambled or sunny side up eggs?
Sunny side up, yolks bleeding onto a bed of hashbrowns. Oh man, I know what I'm having for lunch today. And dinner.

You waited til the last minute, and now only have two costumes left at the Halloween store to pick from, Michael Myers or Freddy Kruger. Which do you go for?
I've always been more of a Myers guy - I'm fascinated by that faceless face. It's something I would find far more unnerving and threatening than a guy who looks like a pile of crisp hashbrowns poured into a sweater. God I want hashbrowns and eggs.

If someone could guarantee your next book an overnight New York Times best seller in exchange for a pound of flesh cut away from your body by you, would you do it and where would you cut it from?
Ouch! Hmm, if I ever made the NYT I'd want to come by it honestly, but at the same time I could stand to lose a half-pound from either thigh. I guess I would do it, but purely for aesthetic reasons. *wink*

Thank you Mr. Dunwoody!
I think I will resist making sexual innuendo about taking the weight off your thighs by resting them here on my lap. Oh, wait ... I just did. 


Well then, you can find out more about The Dunwoody from his website and his excellent Empire series here.

Later taters!