Goosing Gregory

October is always a busy month for me. Between our birthday (I'm a twin, remember?) and the Ren Faire and Halloween and Samhain and the turning of the season, I'm on the run every weekend, and try to worm out of work every week so I can get other stuff done. Meanwhile, there is still the blogs to update and writing to work on and so much other stuff to get done. Especially when the husband announces his costume idea two weeks before the party, and of course there is sewing involved. *le sigh*

October is fun, but exhausting.

No worries, for this week I have a real treat for you. I suckered convinced the wonderful and faboo Gregory Hall to give us a quickie. And by convinced I mean suckered. And by quickie I mean a small interview. Though Greg assured me that he would be glad to provide real quickies to anyone that asked. (something about tons of experience with that sort of thing.... don't ask me...)

I must confess, I don't know a damned thing about this strange man aside from his pin number and tastes in underwear, so here's a description I stole from Amazon:

Gregory has a long history in comedy and theater. He is a national Telly Award winner and creator of the Baltimore Comedy Fest as well as dozens of original works for stage and video/film. His biggest claim to fame during these years is that he was once hugged by Pat Morita of The Karate Kid.

Without further ado, let the probing commence:

You’ve worked in many areas of the entertainment industry. Which have you enjoyed working the most?

Yeah, I've been a writer, director, actor, comic. I guess my proudest moments have been as a cue card holder for porns. When you see the end product and how professional everyone comes off, it brings a tear to my eye.

Describe your entire life up to this point using exactly five words.

No shit. That just happened.

If a genie offered to change you into a woman for one day, would you take him up on it? 

Can I keep the beard? Because I make a good looking woman. I mean I would guess I do.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if he were a zombie? (Please show your math.)

Zero. At the point he became a zombie, he'd be too busy chucking other woodchucks and one very slow ocelot.

Loads of artists claim they work better with the assistance of psychotropic aids. Have you ever created under the influence of such things? If so, do you think the result was helped or hindered by it? (And yes, alcohol is included in this definition.)

Back in my standup days I always hit the stage drunk. When I got sober it took me a long time to perform again because I thought the booze was my edge. Now 25 yrs later I realize that was so wrong. Before I do anything creatively now, I sex it up with Amish prostitutes and that is what drives me forward.

Can you tell me who wrote the book of love?

Al Gore?

Thanks so much Gregory! I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. Greg's well known in many circles for his hilarious blogtalk show The Funky Werepig, and he's also quite the accomplished writer. Check out his novel At The End of Church Street, and be sure to look him up on Amazon for his other works.

Later taters!