Fascinating Facts

Hey kids!

Badass Zombie Road Trip is getting some great reviews from folks. I’m really excited and pleased that people are enjoying the story. It was hella run to write, and it does my heart good to know that folks are laughing out loud at the finished product.
Speaking of finished products, every now and again authors have been known to sneak in little bit of extra information in between the lines of their work. Sometimes it’s part of some larger agenda, sometimes it’s a simple nod at friends or family, and sometimes it’s just to get a giggle from those who get the joke.
I’ve done the same to all of my novels, and even some of the shorts. Today I thought I would entertain you by sharing a few little known facts about Badass with you guys.

Jonah's initials are J.O.B. and with the trials he goes through, it's no wonder.

Candy's real name is Dorothy, the same name as the actress that always plays the lead female in the "Road to..." movies which the book is loosely based on.

Most of the places that appear in the novel are real businesses and attractions. In fact, Linville Caverns is my personal choice for holing up during the zombapocalypse.

Satan, with his electric blue eyes and stunning personality, first appeared in an earlier unreleased novel, Friend of The Devil. With luck, y’all might get a chance to read that one too.

The name Jonah means “dove or peace.” He might get Dale into a whole mess of trouble, but he is also the calm eye in a total shitstorm.

The name Dale means "one who lives in the valley." Considering he is from Cali, that would make him a Valley boy!

The name Dorothy means "gift of god." Maybe Jonah had a little more help than he thought from the man upstairs?

The sexual act Dale and Satan offer to pay Candy to perform is real. And it as a Wikipedia entry. Go on. Click the link, you know you wanna. (Whatever you do, DON”T click the link!)

Well, those are just some of the hidden gems. Perhaps we should take a look at Railroad! next? Heaven knows there’s a gazillion hidden references packed into that little tube of sausage. Phew!

Later tater,