Sharing Sundowners

Here she is! My latest novel has finally hit the interwebs. You can now get your very own digital copy of Sundowners! WOOP! 

Here is what she's all about:
SUNDOWNERS is a backwoods southern horror about the importance of family, the power of gossip and the nature of the artistic muse.
Fifteen years ago, siblings Coil and Cassiopeia suffered an incident in the woods behind their family home. An incident that neither of them can remember in full, that nearly killed Cass and left Coil accused as her abuser, and robbed young Coil of his artistic potential yet boosted his little sister into an almost overnight sensation in the art world. Now, fifteen years later, the self-exiled Coil has been called home to deal with his world famous sister as she suffers from Sundowning; severe and violent personality shifts after the sun sets. In order to cure her, the pair of siblings must come to terms with their old demons, both figuratively and literally. An ancient and terrible horror has risen once more from the backwoods of the family home, and this time it threatens to not only tear their family apart, but also the entire world. 
I asked around to a few authors to see if they would be so kind as to provide me with a blurb for the book. Their responses were not just positive, they were overwhelmingly kind. I am lucky to be surrounded by so many great folks.

“Tonia Brown's characters crawl slowly out of the story, sit beside you and nestle their heads on your shoulder, smiling slyly as you cringe away, unable to put the book down because you're already hooked and they know it. Brown is one of the most talented writers to emerged from the horror scene in recent times and I, for one, will be there for every new release.” ~Gina Ranalli, author of MOTHMAN EMERGED

“Sundowners Is one of those stories that gets under your skin. Page after page you are sucked into the characters, but you know something bad is right around that corner, and you don't want anything to happen to these dysfunctional siblings.” ~Armand Rosamilia, author of the DYING DAYS zombie series

“If you haven’t read Tonia Brown, you’re missing out on one of the finest voices in dark fiction. Sundowners is Brown at her best, and you’d do well to give it a whirl.” ~Pete Giglio, author of SUNFALL MANOR and co-author of THE DARK

“Tonia Brown's Sundowners is one of the most engaging books I've read this year! This southern-flavored horror is so well-written that I found myself re-reading sentences constantly. Ms. Brown drew me right in and made me late coming back from lunch more than once.” ~Stephen A. North, author of DEAD TIDE and DRIFTER
I am also taking part in a huge October Haunted Halloween blog tour with a couple of other awesome guys; Mark Tufo, James N. Cook, John O'Brien, and Armand Rosamilia.  Keep your eyes here and I will start posting the links of the various blogs we will appear on. 

There is also a blog tour specifically for Sundowners at the beginning of November. Phew! So much going on! For now, grab a copy of Sundowners and enjoy it. Be sure to let me know what you think. 

Later taters!