A Wolf in Ram's Clothing by Chris Barnes

My new novella Devouring Milo will be out on July 14th. It asks the question, "What if a serial killer was attacked by a werewolf." Maybe it is a question that shouldn't have been asked, but my twin sister asked it anyways. It was her idea, after all. She worked up the first couple of pages, and handed it off to me. I liked the idea and ran with it. On July 14th you get to read the result. 

 Meanwhile, I have asked a few talented folks I know if they would mind entertaining you folks until the release date. Some of them said yes, and what the others said I won't repeat. Some of the posts will be about killers, some about werewolves, and some about whatever the hell comes up. 

Without further ado, here is our first guest post from my good friend and fellow devious mind at Dynamic Ram Audio Productions, Chris Barnes. Take it away, Chris!

A Wolf in Ram's Clothing
by Chris Barnes

Over at Dynamic Ram Audio Productions we love a bit of horror. Vampires, Zombies and the like have been a staple of our literary diet for quite sometime, so when we got the opportunity to adapt HIGH MOOR, GRAEME REYNOLDS opus to the Werewolf legend, we howled at the moon in anticipation of the hunt.
The Latin, “Lupis Humanis” or “Wolfman” is one of the oldest supernatural legends around, given that is even has a Latin name, so we knew that taking this gritty novel and giving it added bite was going to be a challenge.
Without giving too much away about the actual plot:

A town in the North East of England is stalked by an unseen beast, Fields of mutilated sheep and a dead boy spark an investigation that will take Police Sergeant Stephen Wilkinson to the very edge of his sanity.

For now, that’s as much as I’m prepared to give you, don’t worry there’s a trailer at the end. For now keep reading, I’ll know if you skipped, there’s a test at the end!

One of the main challenges with this adaptation, aside from the usual narrators woes like peace and quiet, was the local dialect. Being Scottish, North East England voices are quite tricky to get your tongue around, so, to try and get the voices to sound as natural as possible I had to do my homework, as all good narrators should.

I started off by listening to Graeme’s reading of a short he wrote called “One of those Things”, by the Sixth or Seventh time round, I was beginning to get the gist of it and started reading along parrot style, like Linguaphone for Actors!

Again, without giving too much away, there's a travelers camp in the mix, and for those voices, I took a leaf from Ian McShane’s voice for Mr Bobinski from the Coraline movie by Neil Gaiman, as they have an Eastern European flavour.

Everyone else got voices as they came to me whilst reading. I’m seat-of-your-pants like that.

We are now about 90% of the way through the read at the moment, once the read is complete the post production process will begin in earnest and I will become a nocturnal creature, stalking my prey and reveling in the chase for the prize, a completed book for you all to enjoy.

One of the things that has enthralled me about this book, is the sense of nostalgia it garners in me, having grown up in the 80’s. I had similar childhood experiences of bullying as the kids in the novel did, I went to the corner shop for milk and sweets, even my beloved ZX Spectrum computer gets a mention within it’s pages. I didn’t however, get attacked by werewolves….

Graeme doesn’t flinch when dealing with difficult subject matter, particularly the disciplining of two of the kids by their alcoholic father, yet he also manages not to allegorise his point. It’s up to the reader to have their own opinion, rather than have Graemes’ thrust upon them, no mean feat in and of itself.

I shall end this the way I started, with some Latin.
High Moor – It’s definitely a Canis Canem Edit world out there….

High Moor by GraemeReynolds and Read by Chris Barnes will be coming soon and will be available from Audible, Itunes and Amazon Summer 2013.


Chris Barnes is owner of Dynamic Ram Audio Productions who specialize  in bringing the best in independent audiobooks to life.He lives in Scotland with his wife Julie, four children, a dog, a cat and the kitchen sink.

You can find more about him at www.dynamic-ram.co.uk