Haiku Hiatus

Today isn't a rant or a brag. I'm trying to update this bastard every Monday, but today I feel a lazy streak coming on, so I'm just going to post a poem. Enjoy!

Ten Little Zombies- a haiku tale of destruction

Ten little zombies
Lumbering down my dirt road
Trebuchet works great!

Nine little zombies
Shuffling their way to my house
Arrow through the eye

Eight little zombies
Groaning along my driveway
Trap squashes a corpse

Seven walking dead
Wandering in the backyard
Glad I dug that pit

Six little zombies
Moaning outside my front door
Shotgun to the face

Five living dead guys
Knocking at my windowsill
Crowbar smashes skull

Four little zombies
Staggering inside my house
Hatchet severs neck

Three little zombies
Chase me slowly up the stairs
Sharp knife in the eye

Two groaning corpses
Teeth snapping to eat my flesh
Broken chair to brain

One little zombie
Has pinned me in the corner
Ouch! That really hurt!

Two little zombies…