Evil Asskicking!

Author Sean Cummings (and yes I just love his last name!) is giving away a bunch of stuff including some of his books. Wanna win a butt-ton of stuff? Stuff like this:
(3) copy of UNSEEN WORLD
(1) copy of SHADE FRIGHT
(1) copy of FUNERAL PALLOR
(1) 1st Season of FARSCAPE DVD

AND a GRAND PRIZE of a KINDLE or a KOBO e-reader (your choice)! 

Well entering is very easy. Just click the pic below and it will take you to a Face Book page with instructions on how to enter. (And you can grab the titles of Sean's very cool books too! So you win no matter what you do!)

Well I guess that completes my court mandated public service. Phew, that was easy. What? What are you saying? The mic is still on? *tap tap* Oops...

(Seriously, go buy Sean's books! Enter his contest! Doooo eeeeet!)