Wild Westerns

Hey folks! After an extended break from the blog scene, I am back in full swing. It's my intention to start blogging at least twice a week, but we will see how that works out. I'm thinking of taking on one of those theme days everyone seems so fond of. Like the hard question day, or review day, or scary sex toy day. I think I might settle on a day of discussing something  I really enjoy, then another with writing updates.
Sound good? I thought so!

That said, today I want to talk about my top five Westerns. When writing Railroad! I found watching movies about the wild west extremely helpful. Aside from that I have always enjoyed Westerns, but I am different from the traditional die hard Western fan. I have a different set of qualities I'm looking for a in a film, and as you read this you will see what I mean. (especially if you are a fan of the genre yourself!)

5) Duck, You Sucker

Now here is a Western that is constantly overlooked. It stars James Coburn in one of his finest roles; an ex-IRA member and demolitions expert. He falls in with some bandits, then some Mexican revolutionaries. Rod Steiger plays the chief bandit and ever reluctant hero. (No matter what he does he can't help but help the revolution!) It's long, and a little slow in some places, but well worth the ride. Oh and it has some REALLY sad moments, so prepare to weep like a baby!

Favorite line: "Duck, you sucker!"