Flash Fiction Finagling

Hey cats and kittens!

Again I've been away far too long, but I must confess my time has been hard spent. I've had several bombs go off in my personal life (health and work and finances) and with the heat of summer atop this I've been a grumpity grump-grump in general, so perhaps it's best I didn't take out my aggression on the unsuspecting public. (That means you!)

Anywho, I'm here today on bended knee, imploring your assistance. I've entered a flash fiction contest and sure could use your help. They are collecting votes to determine the final five, which then will go under a panel of judges to pick the wiener. I mean winner! (If it was just a wiener I'd be a shoe-in.) 

So, the idea was to take something 'bland' and make it 'grand.' I decided that gnats were pretty bland, and I had a great idea on how to make them grand for sure! The end results in a little ditty simply titled, "Gnats."
You can find it at this link:


If you have time, read it, then click the +1 if you want to vote for it. You will have to enter your email and follow some instructions designed to keep folks from flooding the site with votes for one person. (Which I think is pretty cool.)
Either way, whether you vote or not I hope you like the story.

I'll try and make another blog this weekend if I can. I'm thinking I might do a bit on how to read your work aloud, and how to record it for podcasts.

Later taters,