Miraculous Magic

I'm Wiccan.
Didn't know if you lot knew that or not. So yes, I am. I wont go into all of the details because it would take many, many, many blog posts to really explain what that means. Some of you know. Some of you don't. Some of you want to know and the rest of you couldn't care less.

The reason I bring this up is because I wanted to talk about one of the things I believe as a Wiccan; magic. *insert corny joke or awesome song here * 

Magic isn't fire shooting from your fingertips. It isn't foretelling the future. It certainly isn't controlling the environment or weather or economy. For (the majority of) us, magic is simply nothing more than change in conformance with will. In other words, if you put the energy and effort out there it will affect change in your life. It isn't a fix all or an easy cure, just another step to help someone along with something they are willing to take charge of and change themselves.

For example, quiting smoking.

There is no magic spell that will force you to quit. You have to want to quit. You can't keep sucking on those cancer sticks and expect some kind of pass of the hands or combination of words or special amulet to just make you stop lighting up. You must possess the will, the desire, the motivation before you can expect any help from a spell.

But if you do possess the will, the desire and the motivation, I know a simple sympathetic magic that might help you along with quitting for good.

To perform this task you will need the following items:
Your favorite brand of cigs (A new pack please, unopened. If you roll your own, then make enough to fill a small jar.)
A small jar with a lid
The will to want change

First clear your mind before you begin. Just sit down at a table with these implements laid out before you and close your eyes a moment. Breath slowly. Focus on your desire to live a smoke free life. Focus on closing this chapter of your life and putting it behind you. Focus on wanting change.

Next, after you open your eyes of course, open the pack of cigarettes. Open your jar, if not already open. Take the cigarettes from the pack, one by one, and cut them up into the jar. As you cut them up, tell yourself over and over that you are finished smoking. If you insist on fancy words the you might say something like:
"With each cut I break the bond. With each snip I sever your hold."
Clip them up into the jar, making sure to catch all the bits as best you can. Cut up the package too, and really tell it that you don't want to see it in your house anymore!
Once done, curse or spit or shout into the jar. Make the cigarettes (and your subconcious) know that you are sick and tired of putting up with thier hold on you.
Close the lid.
At this point, if you believe in some higher power, then take a moment to ask for help. What I am saying here is to pray. Don't be afraid or ashamed to ask your deity for assistance. Quitting smoking is a hard thing to do but your willingness to stop is the first step. Ask for help. Hold the jar between your hands and ask God, or Goddess, or the fluff in the dryer lint catcher, WHOEVER you think of as divine, to help you on this journey.
Lastly, and this is one of the most important bits, put the jar where you will see it everyday. Don't just leave it at work. Don't throw it in the back of your medicine cabinet. Put it where you will lay eyes at least once a day on it, preferably more. (My husband put his atop his monitor for a long while.  Every time he sat at the computer he had to look at it. That was five years ago, and he hasn't smoked since.)

And there you are. The idea behind sympathetic magic is that you do something to encourage your subconcious to snap into gear. Hands on change, as it were. More than just saying I quit, you make a symbol of your commitment to quitting. And that symbol reinforces your desire and will every single day.

I hope this little spell work helps some of you. I know it's hard. I lived with a smoker for years and years. Again, magic will not quit smoking for you. You still have to do the hard work. A spell like this is just meant to help you along.
Later taters,