Jaidis Jawjacking

Jaidis Shaw over at the blog Juniper Grove has graciously invited me to be a guest. There's an interview with some very personal questions, and a giveaway of a few copies of Railroad! too. I really appreciate her invitation and for her help promoting independent authors.

Enjoy the insanity! CLICK HERE!

And speaking of insanity, I was recently interviewed on TMV Cafe by the ever delicious Mortal Vampire, EW Bradfute. We shot the sheets over many a thing, but of course once he latched onto my Peter, that dominated the discussion. (My Peter has that effect on people.) It was a great interview and a spelndid time was had by all! I also got to stay for the Midnight Spice hour, in which the discussion took a turn for the naughty. But for those that know me, I didn't really say anything new.

Merry Christmas folks!