Monday Mutterings

To start off with I was going to do a post about Krampus. Who's Krampus, you may ask?

Go on then. Ask.

Yes, well here is a blog post from  my good friend Sparrow at the Barbed Pentacle explaining all about the wonderful Christmas character known as the Krampus. Enjoy!

In other news, I have finished penning another novel. This one is set in an alternate 1880's where a terrible outbreak of infection has arisen in the Indian nation, turning the victims into undead beasts and making the western front nigh on uninhabitable. The book focuses on a young runaway girl who gets wrapped up in the world of the skin trade--the business of trafficking in zombie pelts. I wanted to call it Skin Trade, but I'm not sure that is gonna fly. We'll have to see.

This weekend saw me at the sewing machine again. I was roped into working on yet another costume for Tony. Again. Actually, to be fair to him this time I agreed with his demands without much fuss. His Holly King outfit was getting a bit ratty. So I worked up some new bits for it and this weekend we are headed to the Yule Bazaar in Belmont. Tony is going to be an old world Santa for the kids. It should be funsies. Pics to follow.

On that note, I'd like to say a word about the holidays. As some of you may know, I'm Wiccan. At this time of year we celebrate Yule, the return of the sun. The winter solstice is on the 21st, the shortest day of the year.On this longest night we (the church) lights a fire at sunset and tend it all night until sunrise the next day. This way we sympathetically ensure the return of the sun.

You're welcome.

What I wanted to say was I love Christmas. Yes, I'm a pagan and I love Christmas. I love not just the pagan imagery that's been sucked into the Christmas mythology, but also the story of Christmas day. I love the beauty of it. The power behind the birth of a god. It's just swell. I especially love the music. Carols and gospel and all that jazz. What a lovely holiday.

So, have yourself a merry little Christmas, or whatever you celebrate.