New News!

Okay then, I've got lots of stuff to share. So much stuff is going on in ye olde writing worlde so I'm gonna just pile it all up in one post and let you folks sort it out.

First of all, Books of the Dead Press put out my latest novel, Badass Zombie Road Trip! WOOP!

Jonah has seven days to find his best friend’s soul, or lose his own, dragging a zombie across the country with a stripper who has an agenda of her own and being pursued for a crime he didn’t commit ... 
all while dealing with Satan.

2,000 miles. 
Seven days. 
Two souls.
One zombie.
It's going to be a hell of a ride!

(Otherwise click it to buy the thing. You know you want it!)

In other news, Railroad! is chugging along nicely. I just released the third volume of the series, which you can grab by clicking here. We are almost ready to release the print omnibus so keep a wide eye open for that one. David has been really good to me with artwork so we have got some amazing prizes to give away. We got a poster print of the omnibus cover and a signed ink of the crew. David rocks all kinds of socks! 

Right now the series is in intermission, and I've invited some guests to post stories. Eric S. Brown is up first, and his story is pretty gory. Later on I've got stories from Lori Titus, Gregory Hall and Jaidis Shaw. Nice!

Anyways you can grab more information and how to enter the new contest here.
Be sure to enter cause this book is pretty rocking. WOOP!

I was also recently interviewed by Fiona Mcvie for her Inspiration Forum. It was a mix between the usual questions with a couple of odd ones thrown in. Of course I gushed about Gaiman for most of the time, but you expected that. You can read the thing here.

The agent is still working on selling The Cold Beneath. *fingers crossed* He also asked to read Skin Trade, so let's hope he wants to take it on as well. We shall see.

Oh, and I recently made it into an upcoming anthology from Twin Star Media. The anthology is called, Before Plan Nine, and encompasses stories that explain what happened to the plans before Plan Nine from the Ed Wood film of the same name. There are some REALLY big names in this one, so I am plenty excited about being included, especially since I wrote a brick of a tale. (You guys know me, I'm long winded!) It should be out by March. Look for it!

I guess that's all for now. Sorry to expel on you guys in some diarrhea explosion of information. I should really try to post these things as they happen, but in this case, these things sort of happened all at once.

Later taters,