Blockbuster Books

(Anyone that follows me on Facebook will know that I have a habit of posting amusing or insightful things my husband has said. Today I want to take a moment to share a much longer amusing bit of his.)

Mr. Brown had an interesting idea the other day. In light of the recent mashups and reworkings of past literature classics, he wants to release a line sequels and prequels to famous works. He says all he needs is a couple of authors willing to take the reigns up on the world’s best works and pick up where the others left off!

Here is a list of his ideas so far:

Slightly Larger Women
Second to Last Mochican
Where the Red Fern Grew
Tale of a Third City
Back Around the World in Eighty Days
On The Road … Again
Finnegan’s Estate Settlement Hearing
Back With the Wind
Reduced Expectations
The Greater Gatsby
Lady Chatterley’s Former Lover
Prince of the Maggots
Slaughterhouse Six
Sun Also Sets
The Other Man in the Iron Mask

As you can see this list is an ever-growing work in progress. 
Feel free to add your ideas in the comment section.

Later taters,