Luna's Lair

Hey cats and kittens!

As part of the blog tour for Skin Trade I've made a guest appearance on Luna's Lair. She asked me to write a post and I decided to do one on cures for writer's block. It turned out quite funny and I really think you folks will love it. You can catch the full post here:

Tifferz Book Review is supposed to feature the book today, but I sort of screwed up and sent her a guest blog post when she didn't ask for one. I've sent out so many requests I mixed her's with another, and I wouldn't be surprised if she told me to blow! If she forgives me and still has me on I'll come back here and edit this bit to include the link.


She DID include me! Thanks so much Miss Tifferz. I'm sorry I was such a dork about sending you that post. Ugh. I still feel like an idiot. Here is the link to the feature.

Headshot Heather has recently reviewed the book too, and once again she was really generous with her words.
"Tonia Brown’s Skin Trade is a “knock down drag your doggie through the dirt, pour lemon juice on a papercut” hellava ride. Definitely Doubleshot Reviews approved."

Nice! You can read her full review here.

I should have a few more links in the next week or so. Make sure you check back and see what awesome blog we will visit next. WOOP!

For my next blog post I'm thinking I might give ya'll a rundown of that cinema classic, Human Centipede 2.

There might be blood, there will be poo.

Later taters,