Review Requests

I recently sent out a crap ton of requests to a variety of book bloggers to review my latest novel, SKIN TRADE. More than one blogger got excited by the book and accepted it immediately, a few even letting me know that they plan on moving it to the top of their TBR pile because it sounded so good. (Fingers crossed it lives up to that expectation!) So look for a few places to review the book in the near future. I'll keep you guys posted as to who, where and when.

On the other hand, I had quite a number of folks turn the book down. The most common complaint is that my book sounds "too scary" for them to read. One said one peek at the cover was enough for her to say no. I can't say I blame them, Philip did a whiz bang job on this one! The cover is quite gruesome, and as I have said before the novel is not quite as gory as that awesome cover.

On my third mutant hand, I had to pass up as many blogs as I found because of one simple fact: They do not read self published work. That's right. They won't even consider self published novels. And why? Because they are tired of wading through the garbage to get to the gems. That is a shame too, because there are so many great self pubbed titles out there. But then again, having to wade through a thousand turds to find one diamond is rough work. I can't says I blame 'em. I just wished there was a way to tell these folks that SKIN TRADE isn't full of typos and bad formatting and plot holes and such. That it is just as good as a novel as the small publishers put out, or even the big boys. But there isn't a way to say that convincingly. Ah well, take the good with the bad and move on, I suppose.

Meanwhile, both Rebecca Besser and Jaidis Shaw had me aboard their blogs. I really appreciate both of them hosting me, and hope you guys enjoy the results.
You can find an interview on Rebecca's blog here.
And you can find a nice little ditty on Jaidis's blog here.

I also had a story featured in an ezine called The Red Penny Papers. The story, "Pins and Needles, Silk and Sawdust," was written years ago and is a touching little number that will leave you in tears. Good tears! But tears nonetheless. Go on and read it, I dare ya.

That's all in the way of updates for now.

Later taters!