Groovy Guns

A few days back, a nice gentleman and Railroad! reader, Dan Hale emailed me with some kind words about the story. It always pleases me when I get reader feedback, especially when they are just as excited about the series as I am. He also sent me a few photos he found online that bear a striking resemblance to a certain pair of haunted pistols. I thought I would share them with you fine folks!

I swear I hadn't seen these before I started writing! And yet, there they are. It's just weird how you can make something up out of thin air, and it somehow manifests in another part of the world. The husband is always talking about how he needs a tinfoil hat, so the satellites will stop taking his ideas.

Okay ...

That made him sound a little bit weird. Which, truthfully, I suppose he is. But he has a point. Don't it seem like when you get a great idea, it just appears on TV the next week? That's why you gotta jump when the notions says jump!

Speaking of ideas and Railroad!, my brother in law pointed out this photograph to me. I am fairly sure it's a Photoshop, but either way it sure is cool!

Things have been pretty quiet at Chez Brown. We are still recouping from the Great Van Caper. (That might need a blog post all its own.) The church is going to have a divination fundraiser next weekend, at which I will be reading Tarot. The husband will be reading his Mystic Teetotem, a divination system he designed using the Kabala. I'll try to put up a thing about the fundraiser with more details later on. I'm still head over heals for Chris Barnes, the fellow doing the audio book for The Cold Beneath. I can't help it, that voice just sticks with ya! He seems eager to record more of my stuff, and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with him. 

I suppose that's all for now.

Later taters!