Recent Reviews

The hardest part of writing so many different things is juggling it all--keeping those fictional balls in the air at the same time. (hehe, I said balls!) But the best part is when the reviews start rolling in on everything at the same time. It has been a flurry of a week for great reviews, that is for sure! I got four amazing reviews for four different works.

The first was from Tash Williams on the review blog for my Badass Zombie Road Trip. Tash apparently took on the work because she was excited about it being written by a chick, and of course because of the uber awesome blurb. Who could blame her?

Here's a snippet of her thoughts:
"Badass Zombie Road Trip is a fantastic book, the storyline is extremely well thought out and the action starts almost immediately. It is also extremely funny and has one of the best instances of truly expressive swearing I have ever read in a book.
I am being honest in saying that this book is one of the best stories I have read in a long while. While there is a lot of humour there are also a lot of dark moments and Brown just seems to have captured the perfect balance which will keep comedy and horror fans happy."

You can read the whole generous review here!

The next one came from Nicholas Strange from Mr. Strange was kind enough to take on my self published work Skin Trade, and then gave it so much love I thought my head would explode from the joy of it.

Here's just a taste of what he said:
"Tonia Brown's Skin Trade is one of this latter breed, a zombie novel with a great setting, strong central character, and a really fresh take on the subgenre, making it easily one of the best zombie novels I have ever read."

You can read all of his amazing kindness here!

The third came to me from Good Reads, from Dana Fredsti, author of Plague Town and several other awesome novels. She had a read of The Cold Beneath and just loved it. I am humbled by her kind words. I really am.

Here are some of them:
"I loved this book. Tonia Brown captures the feel and tone of Jules Verne and other writers of that era with an elegance and modern accessibility of prose that just amazed me."

You can read her full review here!

The fourth came from Amazon from a James E. Trost. Usually I let Amazon reviews alone, don't wanna toot my horn too much, but this one was too cute not to point out. It was for the fourth novella in the Railroad! series, The Size of Things.

Here is the cute snippet:
"After reading volumes 1 through 4, I am disappointed. Disappointed that Volume 5 is not available."

I almost did a double take at the first sentence, after all it was a five star review! Then I read the rest and giggled. Thanks, Mr. Trost! I appreciate your love. Five is on the way soon. 

If you get a hankering, here's the whole thing.