Cool Club!

Okay, I have so some super cool news for you cats and kittens!

There is a super awesome book club group on Facebook, The Zombie Book of the Month Club. A fine fellow by the name of Shaun Phelps started it a few months back and now it has a little over a hundred members. The folks are cool and a lot of fun, and why wouldn't they be? They love zombie books!

Well, I am pleased to say the club selected The Cold Beneath as the zombie book of the month for October. I know! I am so excited and nervous and delighted and just plain tickled pink. TCB is very dear to me, and I am ecstatic that it's been chosen. The club will discuss the book as they read it, and I have made myself available to answer any questions they have about it. You folks know I love reader feedback, so this should prove to be an interesting experience. I can't wait to see what they think and to answer the questions and even address the complaints.

Join up with the group. You won't regret it. WOOP!

Later taters,