Pagan Pride

I recently hocked my wares at the local event, Piedmont Pagan Pride Day. Our church had a booth, as did my lovely twin sister and her husband. My husband helped coordinate the event so he was busy for most of the day. I had a good time. Exhausting, but good. The whole event was really fun and I, once again, didn't take as many photos as I wanted. This time it wasn't a matter of unpreparedness, as the new cell phone is a wonder for such things. No, this time it was a matter of actual time! I stayed so busy hobnobbing and discussing my work with folks that I didn't have a second to snap a pic here or there.

Ah well, maybe next year?

Here are the few pics of my booth I did manage to score, which was right at the beginning.

My stuff for sale!

More stuff!

Even more!
Booth happiness.

Later taters!