Sexy Interview Time

I am a horrible blogger, but to be fair I do a lot of other stuff. Between the night job, the writing, the church, Tonia Time for TMV Cafe, and then Tonia Time with the husband (zing!) I try to catch some sleep with what few minutes I have left. Okay, so maybe that's just an excuse to make me feel better for not blogging. You know I think I spend half of this blog promising to blog more. Maybe I should just post that once a week. 

I promise to blog more.

I also promise not to eat any more tater chips but I don't think that is going to happen either. 

So, let's just move along, shall we?

Speaking of Tonia Time with the spouse, we recently visited an adult store (sounds like a place where they sell adults!) to replace a few essential toys in the bedroom. While I was there, I got to talking with the young lady behind the counter about her unusual work. After a few minutes of gabbing, which I think made the guys in the store really uncomfortable, I asked her if she would mind an interview for my blog. She graciously agreed, then ran a battery check on my new vibe and sent me and the spouse on our merry way.

Anywho, without further ado, here is Amanda's interview. Enjoy!


I have a guest on yea olde bloge today, and I am very excited about her! Amanda works at a local adult bookstore, my favorite one by the way, and has agreed to answer a few questions concerning her profession and other stuff. Aaaaaaaand, away we go! 

1) Why don’t we start by telling us a bit about yourself? 

I’ll be 21 on the 28th of this month. I’ve been told I’m the best aunt ever, lol. :) I love working with people. I’ll be finishing my Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design this summer. And last but not least, I work at an adult store, where I’ve been about a year and a half now.

2) I suppose one of the most common questions you get, and yeah I’m gonna ask it too, is how did you get wrapped up in working at an adult bookstore? 

Honestly, I just needed a job that was closer to home and flexible with my school schedule. There was an ad in the paper that the store was hiring so I went and applied and got hired. It was as simple as that, lol.
60% of the time, EVERYTIME! To bad it wasn't 69%.

3) As a chick in a porn store, how do the customers treat you? Do they get shy about purchases? (Because I know I sure as hell aint!)  Do they ever ask your advice as a lady?

I get ALL kinds of things every day....some customers hit on me, some customers avoid eye contact, some customers talk to me like I’m there long lost friend.
Customers who are very closed off are a bit shy and uncomfortable at times, but I have a thing for being able to make people a little more easy going in the store.
I get asked for advice all the time, which I am more than eager to give! I love making sure the customers get their money’s worth.

4) If you could either breathe under water or walk through walls, which would you choose, and why?

That’s a super tough question...they would both have their perks. Even though I am door challenged, ultimately I think I’d go with breathing under water though, it sounds more fun and beneficial.

This Dalek was listed on Google Images under "adult, sex, toy."

5) Do you have a favorite sex toy? Do you buy stuff from the store you work at or do you prefer to shop elsewhere?

I do have a favorite sex toy of my own, but every time we get new products in it tends to change, lol. I mostly buy stuff from the store where I work but occasionally I do shop elsewhere, just depends on what I’m shopping for. We don’t carry bondage related items, so if I want something in that area I have to go elsewhere.

6) Who you gonna call? (If your response is not Ghost Busters, please explain, and show your work.)

How could anyone not answer Ghost Busters?!?!?! *cue theme music*

7) Do you get a lot of women in the store? Are they alone or usually part of a couple, or in great big honking groups like a gaggle of sex toy crazed geese?

I do get a lot of women in the store. It’s kind of diverse how they come in though, the majority of women tend to come with a friend, with their significant other, or alone. On certain nights we get insanely annoying groups of young females who giggle at everything...but the same can be said for men as well.
Calm down! It's just a banana holder. Or is it?

8) Do you enjoy porn? If so, what format? (I prefer the written word, though I do enjoy the occasional film now and again.)

Sometimes I do. I’ve read a few of them but I mainly watch it online.. I’m a visual learner so watching can have its benefits.

9) It’s the zombie apocalypse, and you are packing to flee for the hills. What are the three most important things you take with you? (Aside from essentials like food and water and the likes.)

1. My camera, that way in case I live I’ll have proof that I am insanely bad-ass for not getting my brain eaten.
2. A sex toy, hiding from zombies may get lonely and orgasms relieve it’d only make sense. ^_^
3. Ummmmmm......a weapon of some type maybe? I’m normally not violent but if someone is trying to devour my brains it would probably be a good life choice.

10) Is there anything you would like to add? Any projects you want to pimp or words of advice for our readers?

I just think people should be a bit more open with their life....after all you only live it once. Don’t be afraid of what some sales clerk or other customer may think, as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters!

Thanks so much, for braving the blog, Amanda! 

Ever had one of those days?
And thanks so much for checking in with me today, folks. I will see what I can do about making this a habit. ;) 

Later taters,