Playlist for Devouring Milo

A few weeks ago I released a new novella, Devouring Milo. Here's the skinny on it: 

Something is eating away at Milo. Perhaps it’s the stress from dealing with his oppressive older brother. Maybe it’s his low blood sugar. It could be his remorse over the twenty three dead women buried in his backyard. Or possibly it’s the beast inside of him, trying to fight its way to the surface, with or without the help of the full moon.
Something is devouring Milo, and this time it isn’t just his guilty conscience. 

When I held the release party for the novella, I posted a soundtrack linked back to youtube, one video at a time. Folks had a chance to listen to the songs that either inspired or reflected the story while they chatted with others about the new book. After the event was over, I was thinking about the list of songs, those I posted and those that didn't make the cut, and thought others would enjoy hearing the songs that inspired the work. 

So, I made a playlist on youtube and here is the link. Enjoy!