A Word with Rena Mason

Rena Mason is one of those writers you want to be when you grow up. Since I have no intention of growing up, I'll have to settle on continuing to want. Maybe I can be a little Rena one day, like the Muppet Babies, only cuter. (If that is even possible!) 

Meanwhile, here is an interview with her, by me, and my tater loving side:

Who in the hell are you? What are you doing on my blog! Oh… that’s right, I invited you. *ahem* I meant to say, take a moment to introduce yourself.
Hi! I’m Rena Mason, retired registered nurse, mother of two, author of The Evolutionist, East End Girls, and a handful of short stories.

If you could pick one word to describe your creative side, what would it be, and why?
Shadowy. Ideas for me are like ghosts. Sometimes one will make contact and the process flows, and other times, they stay just out of reach.

What do you like on a baked potato?
Half a stick of butter, salt, and pepper.

Half a stick! Oh, a woman after my own heart. Even as clogged as it is.
What do you think lead you to do that voodoo that you do so well?
Practice, the learning process, and they’re both never ending.

Who do you consider your biggest influence in your field?
Everyone I’ve read and read currently influence me, but “biggest” would have to be a tie between Edgar Allan Poe and Carl Sagan.

What’s the biggest potato you’ve ever eaten?
One of those from Wendy’s probably.

If you had to pick between the three primary colors—yellow, red and blue—which do you think the world could do without?

Do you prefer granny panties or thongs? Or perhaps neither?
Thongs and sometimes, boy shorts.

In fifty lying words or less, tell us why they call those little buds on potatoes ‘eyes.’ (In other words, I am not looking for the real reason. Be creative!)
The Incas did not destroy the Chachapoyas, the Warriors of the Clouds. They floated up beyond the sky and left behind the eyes on potatoes, which are little windows from the world where “The Cloud People” now live and watch us.

In one word, describe the secret to success.

Why is it I can never find a parking place when I am in a rush? Every time I go somewhere just for funsies or goofing off, there are twenty places right up front. But if I am in a rush? Nope! Not a space in site!
Murphy’s Law.

Then I shall take it up with Mr. Murphy.
How many potatoes do you think you can you lift? I am talking standard Idaho, approx 13.5 oz. What? I am NOT obsessed with potatoes! You’re like the third person this week to say that. Just answer the question.
I’m guessing maybe six, five-pound bags full.

If you could treat any one person to dinner and a movie for all they have done for you, who would you take, where would you eat and what movie would you see?
My husband, Stripsteak, and something scary (to round out the night.)

What projects do you have on the burner right now?
I am/have been co-writing a secret project for over a year now. Soon, it shall be completed! Muwahahahaha! I’m also supposed to be re-writing a novel, and working on the occasional short story.

 If you had to have a few words of warning about yourself tattooed on your forehead to alert others of your dangerous nature, what would it say? (Hint: Mine would probably say, “Beware of gassy emissions.”)
History of violent temper.

Rena Mason is a Sin City resident and longtime fan of dark fantasy, murder mysteries, horror, sci-fi, and history. She loves mashing these genres with stories of everyday life for unexpected twists. She’s the author of The Evolutionist, East End Girls and a handful of short stories.