Getting to Know You

Hey cats and kittehs! Just a quick word to let you know I will be appearing at ConCarolinas this weekend (May30-June1) in Charlotte NC.

The con is at:
Hilton Charlotte University Place
8629 J.M. Keynes Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28262

As far as I know they are booked out for full weekend passes and Sat passes, but they still have Friday and Sunday passes available.

I’ll be hanging with super awesome author and fellow Permuted Press pal Jake Bible all weekend. We will have books and more books and even more books! You might even get the chance to meet the infamous Mr. Brown. 

Or George R.R. Martin.


What was that?

Oh! That’s right, bitches! I said George R.R. freakin’ Martin!
You know, the guy that kills everyone.

So, to recap, that is Mr. Martin, Jake Bible and moi. Who wouldn’t want to come to come watch that train wreck?
Speaking of trains, I will have the newest omnibus of Railroad! with me, as well as the previous two. I'll have copies of Devouring Milo and Gnomaggedon as well. I shall have a limited copies of The Cold Beneath and Lucky Stiff featuring the original covers. (These are both under re-prints with Books of the Dead in June.)

See you at the con! WOOP!