Audio Extravaganza!

Hey kats and kittehs! I’ve got some great news concerning a few of my books.

I’ve been putting up stuff on Audible Creation Exchange, an audio book creation platform. Basically you upload a section of your novel with some instructions on what you’re looking for in a narrator, and folks audition for the book. Then you can select the one you like and strike a deal with them. Or you can search the producers and send out requests for narrators too. (And for that measure, you can join as a narrator and look for work!)

You guys have heard about my deal with JoBe Cerny from Cerny/American Creative to do the first Volume of Railroad. (and possibly even more volumes later on) This one has some huge potential, because JoBe is very well connected and is talking up all kinds of promotional ideas and future plans for the series. I am honored that he has faith in Dodger. This is gonna rock!

Well, the success of that hookup encouraged me to upload a few more novels and I managed to secure a few more talented voiced for some more of my novels.

The first is LukeSmith who has agreed to voice Devouring Milo. As those of you who have read it know, Milo is a dark, ugly story of violence, sexual abuse and werewolves. Luke has a lush, deep voice that makes your skin crawl when he hits just the right words. His audition absolutely captured the soul of Milo, leaving both me and my sister breathless. (Yeah, I included her in the decision considering it’s her book and all.) Seriously I was blown away by his audition. How can one man sound so ominous and evil? Look for this one soon. 

The second is a favorite narrator of mine so I am super pleased about this one. Chris Barnes from Dynamic Ram Audio Productions has agreed to produce Gnomaggedon. I know! How awesome is that? Thimblecock was practically molded after Chris’s quick wit and awesome sense of humor, so having him narrate the book is perfect. Just perfect. Chris has some other obligations so it might be a few months before we see this one. But as they say, good things are worth the wait.

The third is also very exciting, as I have found a voice for Jonah and Dale. That’s right, everyone’s favorite road trip duo from Badass Zombie Road Trip is going to get the audio treatment. John Voorhees (who has the coolest fucking name evah!) has taken on the dirty mouthed Dale and saintly Jonah, as well as the sexy Candy and the awesome Satan. I can’t wait for this one. So much excitement! 

Okay then, that’s what’s going down in groove town for now. You can get a listen to Chris reading my work right away if you download The ColdBeneath. Go ahead, you know you wanna! WOOP!

Later taters,