My Little Brony

I have a confession to make. Are you seated comfortably? Good. Now, deep breath. In, out. Relax. Ready?

Intended for age AWESOME and up!

My husband and I love My Little Pony.

And you have.
Yes, yes, I know. Full grown adults watch a show made for little kids. You know what else? Neither us really gives a fat rat’s ass what anyone thinks. MLP is a great show! It teaches moral lessons and has laugh out loud funny moments and lovable characters you genuinely come to care for. In short, it is awesome.

We have always loved animation, no matter the intended audience. From the Backyardagins to Rick and Morty, we have tons of cartoons we just adore. We go and watch animated films in the theatre. We wait for new seasons of shows to hit Netflix. We even force some shows on our friends. We don’t care about age range or target audiences. We just watch what we love.

Bronies gotta stick together.
The hatred for MLP confuzzles me. No one bats an eye when we say we watch the Justice League or the Regular Show or Adventure time. But why is it when you say you like MLP, everyone has a conniption fit? It’s the name, isn’t it? If it was called Pony Land, or maybe Pony Time, or something like that no one would care. But My Little Pony makes even me cringe when I say it aloud.

Damn straight!
I’ll tell you what, when you get done sniggering at me, maybe you can give the show a chance. The first four seasons are on Netflix. Go on. I dare you. And don’t watch it with a judgmental eye. Just relax and enjoy it like you would any other show. It will take a few episodes to hook you in, but it will.

And then you too will know that friendship is magic.

See you ponies later, taters,