Post Convention Blues

If I were a blues artist, I would make a song called "Post Convention Blues." It would be about how conventions are so much fun and going back to normal life is like coming down from a really good high. About the parties and the karaoke and the food and the friends. Wow. So much cool.

Actually the song would probably be about how cons, while really fun, are a whole lot of trouble and work and exhausting. How you lose sleep and spend way too much money and your spouse dissapears for hours on end to play DnD while you have to stand in one spot to make sales, killing your already bad feet and back.

Still, they are hella fun!

I just got back on Sunday from ConCarolinas. I meet tons of folks and sold a few books and made great contacts. I had the pleasure of sitting in on some panels with amazing authors. Jake Bible shared a booth with me, which was probably the best part of the entire weekend. Tony got to role play for a few hours and I got to sing at poor unfortunate folks. We are going to try and attend next year, as well as hit at least one or two more cons this year. (If budget allows.)

In fact, our next one should be in Asheville, NC on September 20th. I will post the deets a bit later this month.

WOOP! Hooray for cons!