Run, Fat Girl! Run! Part 3

Now for the review: 

The set up for the game is simple, you are a survivor of the zombie apocalypse, and it is your job to make supply runs. Literally. Bearing the moniker of Runner 5 you’re sent out from your home base, Able Township, seeking supplies, information and other missions. Your job is to run from zombies and other threats until you complete the mission and return home. 

Meanwhile, those at the home base keep tabs on you through your headset, during which they speak to you, guide you, look out for you and even prompt snipers to defend you with cover fire. In between these transmissions, complete with atmospheric zombie groans, the app dips into your music playlist. The songs are a nice interlude between heady storylines and emotional moments with characters you come to genuinely care about. 

On top of this, you get an actual game experience as well. During the walking parts, you pick up stuff and earn points that can be spent building up your version of Able. You can spend these points however you see fit, keeping your base secure and inviting new folks to populate your township. It reminded me of the points you can spend to unlock stuff in the Wii game Walk it Out. (but that is a whole other blog post.)

Overall thoughts: The ZR app keeps you engaged and entertained. You get a fully fleshed out story (see what I did there?) in small transmitted bits while the integrated playlist of music fills out the gaps with your own songs. My only complaint is I wished the zombie groans would intermittently play over the music. That would give it the final push into realism for me. It would be hard to forget you’re running from zombs when they are groaning over Jack White’s I’m Shaking. Otherwise, 5 out of 5 stars. So much zombie fun!

Join me tomorrow when I talk about the second exercise app I use, Battlesuit Runner.