Run, Fat Girl! Run! Part 2

First, let’s look at Six To Start’s Zombie’s, Run! 3 app. 

Aside from a pedometer app (I sometimes walk in places were a GPS won’t work) this was the game I originally I downloaded to help me with my walking routine. Being in touch with all things zombie, I watched it explode into being on Kickstarter years ago, but of course avoided it like a, well, like a zombie because it was associated with that dreaded E word. (and I don’t mean ebola!) I mean, I love the shambling hordes of undead but did I love them enough to let them drag me into a regular exercise routine?

Hell no! 
Once I changed my mind about not wanting to remain a gelatinous pile of flabby goo, I had all but forgotten about the Zombies, Run! game. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose. After about three months of struggling with walking, someone mentioned the app online and I was like ohhhh yeah, I remember that. But it’s for runners. I can’t use it. Can I? I avoided it again for a few more weeks. Around the same time, some much healthier friends of mine began training for a 5k run. They were (and still are) very supportive of my efforts. I was inspired by their training routines, and looked into a different Zombies, Run! app that I thought perhaps I could manage. This was the 5k run training app.

 It starts you with walking and shifts into running over a number of weeks. I thought I could at least do the first week or two of walking routines, and when it shifted into running I would just repeat the walking stuff until I was brave enough to try and run.

Turns out I was wrong about the whole running versus walking thing to begin with! As I used the app, it slowly dawned on me that they had no idea if I was running or walking. The game didn’t require I turn on the GPS or the pedometer. It wanted me to move, but didn’t care what form that movement came took. This meant I could use it with a stepper, or on a stationary bike, or just plain old walking, which I was doing anyways!

As a side note, Zombies, Run 5k training is responsible for getting me to walk for a steady half hour, a feat I had yet to accomplish. This was made possible by doing exactly what it claimed it would do. I was distracted long enough to not care that I had just walked a mile and a half. My legs turned to jelly afterward, but it was delicious jelly.

This changed everything. That evening, I downloaded the full Zombies, Run! 3 app and the next night I began the full story game from season 1, episode 1. I am now up to episode 18. It is slow, considering I am still walking only 3-4 times a week with the ZR app. But I am doing it, doing something, and that’s all that matters to me.

Join me tomorrow for the final review of this app.