Ice-cream Interest

Summer is coming on fast here in the South, and that means one thing. Heat. And lots of it. How to combat those long dog days of summer? ICE CREAM! Oh hells yeah I want some. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
What? What’s that you say? But Tonia, you’re off sugar. How can you eat delicious iced cream?
Okay, this is the part where I explain that I am not one of those folks who seem all fired up against artificial sweeteners. Yes, that’s right. I eat Splenda and Sweet-n-Low. (I do however try my best to draw the line at Nutrasweet.) So, before we go any further, if you have hang-ups against said sweeteners, then too bad, so sad. No ice cream for you!
Now, where was I? Oh yes. Ice cream with no sugar added. Notice I am careful to say no sugar ADDED. This means the sugar in the milk  is still there. The sugar in the fruit is still there. So it’s not “no sugar at all’ or ‘super low carb.’ Just no extra sugar, and that’s where the fun begins!
Allow me to go into detail about the several tasty versions of this sin among sins. I will not review actual carb contents, as I just don’t have the time to look them all up. I am going to go on taste alone. Yum!

First off, on the low end of the scheme, we have the so called low carb ice cream from Breyers. This stuff is atrocious. If it’s all you can have, ie you are on a low carb diet, then it will do. But in place of the alternatives it sucks!

Breyers also does several kinds of no sugar added, but they are among the extra churned types, which also lowers the fat content and thus the over all deliciousness. (I’m already not eating sugar, cut me some slack!)

The second among these is Edy’s. Meh. I’m not really impressed with these folks, at least not in the iced cream area. (which I will go into in a moment) Again they pull that no sugar added AND extra churned. So you get a lower fat ice cream, with no sugar added. Meh.

Mayfield pulls this shit too. Bump up the air content to lower the calories. Ice cream that tastes like spoonfuls of freaking air. .Meh. Meh. Meh.

Let me explain. I am not after a low calorie food. This isn’t diet time. I want some fucking iced cream with flavor or so help me I will break you in two!

That’s where Blue Bunny comes to the rescue! WEE DOGGY! Their no sugar added ice creams are simply the bees knees, yes they are. Every single one is delicious, though here at Chez Brown we prefer the banana split. Yum!

But the pièce de résistance in this group is the Blue Bell brand of no sugar added ice cream. ZOMG! The chocolate is sooooooooo good. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… I’m drooling just thinking about it. And none of that extra churned crap. No sir! Just straight up delicious iced cream for your sugar free pleasure. Mmmmmmm…

On the novelty front there are several note worthy choices, and some craptacular ones.
Breyers, once again, shits on us no sugar folks with this nasty little number. Ugh. My tongue is cringing just looking at the package.

Fudgsicle brand, as much as I love me some fudgsicles, are also rather blah. These tend to be slimy. What’s up with that?

Klondike makes a great novelty called the Slim-a-Bear. These are so tasty, even folks who aren’t off sugar ask for them when they come over to our place. Tasty!

Blue Bunny once again comes in for the win here with their Sweet Freedom line. Bars, cones, novelties, they have so much to choose from and soooo good. Mmmmm…

The top two choices in the novelty line are actually fruit based choices. The first is Edy’s Whole Fruit bars. (I couldn’t find a picture of the no sugar ones, sorry!) The no sugar added come in strawberry and lime, and are both refreshing and delicious. Great for a hot summer’s day.

The second and top (as far as my husband is concerned) is Luigi’s no sugar added Real Italian Ice. Single servings of Italian Ice in cherry and lemon. Its like a little cup of heaven. Iced heaven! Woop!

So there we are. Not low calorie by any means, but lower in sugar than regular choices. Now when that bug bites you, and you get the itching for some sweet, sweet cream of the ice, then you will know where to look without shooting your blood sugar over the moon.
Later taters!