Interesting Interviews

Heya kats and kittens!

It's been an interesting week here at Chez Brown. I have done several interviews in the last few days, some in written form and some live across the interwebs. While I would like to think it is because of my over night fame and fortune, the truth is I had so many at once because I took a small vacation from the night job so I could catch up with folks here and there, and some of it was the end result of sitting on a few interview requests a little too long. (They pile up after a bit and become very uncomfortable on the old backside.)

The first string of interviews was actually me interviewing other folks. The head honchos at TMV Cafe, a lovely little internet radio site, lost their marbles and gave little ole me a whole hour to talk my head off. At the behest of one of my new bosses, and one of my old bosses (Gregory Hall and Tony Brown respectively) I was all but forced to call the show Tonia Time. *sigh* I know, it's a silly title but what can you do?

Anywho, the show is basically just me running off at the mouth, a feat many of you know I adore. I try not to make it too interviewish, steering away from traditional questions and trying to dig a little deeper into folks' dirty thoughts and such. The premier episode is August 11th at 9pm EST.  I talked with Sparrow from The Barbed Pentacle about sex magic and other things. Lots of other things. There is also a segment in each show featuring my lovely husband saying something really clever, and the guest must interpret his meaning. Fun? Maybe, but it is hella hilarious to hear what folks think he is saying. I have some great guests lined up—Paul Mannering, Renee Davis, Chris Barnes, Scott Browne, and Chuck Wendig, just to name drop a few—and hope you will join me each week to check it before I wreck it. (If you wanna be a guest, just email me and we can get it on!)

I mentioned this earlier this week, but I had a chance to talk with Corey Graham from That interview goes live this Sunday. When I get the links I will plaster them all about for you folks to enjoy. We had a grand time. I hope he has me back because I could talk to that boy for hours. (It’s the voice, you see. Not that he doesn’t make for pleasant conversation! He was clever and witty and all that jazz, but his voice could melt polar caps. Mmmm…)

I also have a number of blog interviews, the first of which is up at Writer’s Block Party. You can read my ramblings here. Thanks again to the folks at WBP for having me aboard! The others are in the process of posting, so again just watch for links.

If any of you would like to have me grace your blog or climb aboard your podcast and make funny noises at you, feel free to ask. I am an unabashed ham.  

Later taters,