Trucking Along

Oh yeah, this blog. I almost forgot you were here.

You are still here, aren't you? *tap tap*

Just us mice, eh? Ah, well. Okay mice, pull up a tuft of mushroom or whatever you prefer to sit on and let me fill you in on some updates.

There is a lot going on in Tonia Land right now. Not so much that I can quit the night job yet, but we are getting there.

I have interested a publisher in re-releasing Sundowners. I should know more about it in the next few days. Contracts are being drawn up as we speak, er, type. I won’t have release dates for a good, long while. But when I do I’ll let you know.

I just finished another novel, Hauling Ash, and am very, very pleased with this one. It's back to my first love, comedy with a touch of horror. Or is that horror with a touch of comedy? Who knows. Point being, it's a screwball haunted comedy of errors that involves a lonely mortician, the ghost/corpse of his dead uncle, the mob, the FBI and a quarter of a million dollars. Stir in one nervous schnauzer, one pet friendly singles’ cruise, a dash of blonde southern bombshell, shake well and serve over the tropics.

Hilarity ensues.

I have some nibbles on this one at the moment, and hope it pans out. I was going to self publish it, but finances are restricting my movements as of late. I can’t properly drop a book if it isn’t professionally finished. Life keeps wicking away money I’d rather dedicate to such projects, but thankfully there are publishers out there I can trust with my children. I hope Hauling Ash can fall into a good home. Fingers crossed, and such.

I am have a few cons booked for next year and am waiting to hear back from a few more. I hope to make ConTemporal again. It’s always so much fun! And I have been accepted at the guest list of ConCarolinas. Nice! Score! *micely high fives all around* I have inquired to a few more, but my night job has made a HUGE schedule shift on me that might limit my ability to attend. Ah well, these things happen. Deal we will. Yes, yes.

Railroad! is tracking along nicely after three years. We are just about to start our fourth season, which when finished will bring us to 12 novellas at over 300,000 total words for the over arching story. Volume Eight:Buffalo Gals just hit the Kindle, with yet another masterful cover from David Naughton-Shires. (I just love his work!) Volume Nine: The Princess and The Peak is posting now through the end of February, with the Kindle release to follow. The next omnibus will drop then as well.

 A new season means another Celebration Station, which gives you the chance to participate if you like. What is Celebration Station you ask? It’s a month of celebrating all things steampunk/weird western at the Railroad! website. Want to show off your stempunk chops? Wanna try your hand at penning a weird western tale or even an article about such things? Hit me up to book a date on the rails and we will get you in for the month of March, 2014. All projects are due mid January.  500 lower limit for short stories, 250 for articles. Long as you like, just know when to stop. Ha!

Well, I guess that’s all for this update. Thanks for checking in, and for checking me out. I hope to keep entertaining for as long as you guys will let me. Look for me all over the web and forever on Facebook, as I am a social network whore.

Later taters,