New year, new publishers!

So 2014 is upon us in full swing, huh? And with it we have a whole new set of publishers down the line. 

Don't get me wrong, I am still all about self publishing as well. I enjoy the freedom and creative control self publishing gives me, but look forward to the exposure traditional publishing offers. It's a win-win folks! I believe they call this brand of publishing hybrid; meaning you've got a foot in both pools. 

 First up, you know about the Permuted Press stuff but I will recap for you. My self published book Skin Trade is now a series, to be re-released by PP a well as two new books. They have also taken on my Southern Gothic horror, Sundowners, as well as a previously unreleased romantic comedy, Love at Second Sight.

Under the PP umbrella is the imprint Post Hill Press, which will release my latest novel hot off the presses, Hauling Ash. It's a screwball comedy with a haunted kick. I have high hopes for this one. It's a fun little story folks. I really hope you like it. 

(Please note this is NOT the cover, but an idea I toyed with when considering self publishing it. Cool though, ain't it?)

I also just learned one of my longstanding publishers, Lyrical Press, sold their holdings to Kensington Publishing. (here is the full press release)  I reckon that means I will be a Kensington author soon. Not that being a Lyrical author was any small shakes, but you get the excitement yes? My titles with Lyrical were under Regina Riley, but I have requested they be transferred to Tonia Brown. So, expect to see the Clockworks and Corsets series under my name soon. Ah, and I am going to try and finish the trilogy before the year is out. Huzzah!

Of course you will continue to see the Railroad! books under self publishing efforts, unless I can finally interest an agent in taking up the rails on that one. This will also be the last year for the Railroad! serial. It's getting a bit difficult to maintain it an other projects as well. Though, like a madwoman, I am considering starting a new serial at the end of the year to take its place.  

That's all for now. Stay tuned for release dates and other info.
OH! And I will be at a few conventions this year as well. More on that later, taters!