Eat Your Heart Out With a Lucky Stiff!

Hey folks!

Ah, Valentine's Day. The holiday folks just love to hate on. What is it about Valentine's Day that people despise so much? I reckon it might be the whole mushy, kissy faced, I love you soft hearted sentiment that new lovers revel in during this season. Well, I have the solution to your Valentine's blues. Two author events that will satisfy your heathen blood thirst for gore, violence, and sexy sex!

Ain't it a thing of beauty?
The first is the Eat Your Hear Out Horror Extravaganza. I was invited to take part in a hoooooooooge book sale with 30 different authors. From zombie tales, to post apocalyptic to just straight up horror, each book will be available all day for 99 cents each. I will be pushing my latest work, Devouring Milo. So if you havent read it yet, this is your chance to pick it up on the cheap!  Author interviews will be posted every hour, as well as personal interaction with most of those involved. 

I plan on popping in and out all day on the Facebook event page here, so drop on by and join us for a splendid time.

The second event runs all weekend and is a little more on the personal side. You lucky devils get to spend your Valentine's weekend with a Lucky Stiff! 

I hope you enjoy my Peter!
That's right, Peter Lyles himself will join us all weekend long on the Facebook event page here as we give away his life story, Lucky Stiff: Memoirs of an Undead Lover. We will also hear from some of the other characters, some major, some minor, all excited to spend the weekend with you folks. So come and download the sexiest zombie book to ever hit your shelf and spend your Valentine's weekend with a Lucky Stiff! 

Enjoy the two events and make sure you find some time to spend with your own lucky stiff. Have a good sexy weekend! 

Later taters,