The Wisdom of Tony Brown

Anyone who knows me knows I have been happily married for about 18 years now to a wonderful man that I love deeply, madly and completely, and could gush and gush about for the rest of this post.

Oh wait, I think I will!

Tony Brown is a helluva man. Smart, funny, handsome as the dickens, I couldn't have asked for a better spouse, nor a better friend. I am lucky, to be sure. But, on top of his incredible personality and evil "get whatever he wants" smile, the man has a complex mind that blows most human beings out of the water. Not just on an intelligence level, no. He is also quick and clever.

And quotable.

Anyone who knows me, or at the very least follows me on Facebook, also knows that I quote my spouse on a regular basis. Now, most folks will do this too, leaving little gems and quips on their Facebook page for all the world to read and share a good chuckle. But I have collecting my husband's quotes down to an art. I've been doing this for years, starting with a text file I began early in our marriage and now spreading his wisdom across social media. I have even gone so far as creating a Facebook group to keep these quotes together. And a Twitter account.

I give you Everything I Learned, I Learned in Kindergarten, and from Tony Brown.

You can also follow his quotes on Twitter

And eventually you can purchase your very own Tony Brown quote book. (should I ever find time to actually finish prepping it...)

I thought I would thrill you today by posting just a few of his classic lines. Sit back, buckle in and enjoy the ride.

“I will flog you again when your erection goes away.”
"Society is on a human rights ladder. We in America can still see so many rungs above us, but we often forget how many rungs are far beneath."
‎"If I were the head vampire of the region, all of my subjects would have to send me doughnuts to prove their fealty. Or get impaled. Doughnuts or impalement. That's the deal."

"I wished the Kindle and the Nook would merge, so I can buy a Kook."

"She's so crazy, she hears voices in other people's heads."

"There is a fine line between a sacred phallus and a Day-Glo dildo."

"Facebook is like delicious sausage; it's messy during production but you crave the end product so much you put up with it."

"I wanted to give up food for Lent, but then I heard you couldn't live on Lent."

Again, you can find these quotes and more at his Facebook page and Twitter account.


Later taters,